​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District

Whenever severe weather threatens

the Citizens of Marengo County the E-911 Center is ready.  We have the sole responsibility of turning the weather sirens

on in the event of a tornado warning. 


Q.    If I call 911 can they give me more information on the weather?

A.    NO!  Our dispatchers do not receive any reports / information that is not available to all citizens. These alerts can be received by a having ​ NOAA weather radio, Weather apps, tv/radio, on Facebook at National Weather Service Birmingham or Marengo County E-911.


Q.   Should I call 911 if my power, cable, other utilities go out?

A.   NO! Simple power outages, even wide spread in nature, are not considered a true emergency.  Calling the utility department

and speaking with a worker, or leaving a message is the best way to report outages. Also,calling 911 to report outages will not

expedite your service.


Call 911 if you have power lines down that or other utility issues (water main break, gas leak) that pose an immediate threat to 

life and property.   If there is a live wire on the street or public sidewalk, or threatens to injure or kill those walking or driving

past“if it’s arcing or sparking”, THEN  call 911.  This can be a dangerous situation which needs a response from appropriate fire

department personnel.

Otherwise, call your utility company instead, and if one of those conditions above are met, call 911 and THEN call your utility 


Do not ever call 911 to say “your power is out” unless you have a family member who has a serious medical condition 

(Uses a medical device that requires electricity).

​Alabama Power customers should call:  1-800-888-2726

Black Warrior (REA) customers should call:  (334) 289-4182 or 1-800-242-2580


Q.   Should I call 911 if a tree falls in my yard?

A.   No!  A tree down in your yard or on your house does not count as an emergency (unless someone is trapped or hurt because of the tree

lying in your house!). Immediately call your insurance adjuster if a tree falls on your house or property, and after all are safe and accounted



Q.   Should I call 911 if a tree falls in the road / highway?

A.   Yes!   If you see one or more trees lying on a road call 911 immediately.  We need to know as soon as possible that a tree is in the

 roadway so that we can notify the correct department to have it removed.  We need to get the tree removed from the roadway so we

can avoid an accident.


Q.   Should I call 911 to find out road conditions?

A.   No!   911 is for emergencies only....911 does not have any information of the conditions of any of the road / highways during severe weather including snow/ice storms.  In order to find out information on road conditions citizens should call. 

* County Road Crew

* State Road Crew 


Q.   Should I call 911 to see if my child’s school is dismissing early or closed due to severe weather?

A.   No! The decision on whether to dismiss early or to not open during severe weather is the sole responsibility of the school district

in which the school falls in.   E-911 does not have any information on the school closings or dismissals.



Q:  Why can’t I hear the siren in my house?


A:  Sirens are designed to be outdoor warning systems. Many  individuals can hear sirens in their homes, but that is not

their intended purpose. Sirens are only one part of the warning systems used to alert citizens. Weather radios, which are better suited

to  indoor warning, are also part of the warning systems used to alert citizens. Most newer weather radios have the capability to

alert citizens inside their homes about dangerous situations through an alarm function. 


Q.  Are all of the sirens activated at the same time?

A.  The siren system has been created in such a way that not all sirens have to be activated at the same time. The idea is that only

the sirens in the area affected will be sounded. The area where the sirens will be activated is generally determined by the area

covered by the warnings issued by the National Weather Service. 


If only the City of Demopolis is under a Tornado Warning then the Sweet Water Siren will not be set off. 


Q.   Is there an “All Clear” signal? 

A.   There is no all clear sounding for the siren system. If the sirens sound for a second time, it does not mean it is safe to come out

of shelter areas. 

Please be aware that the weather sirens will NOT sound for the duration of the tornado warning.  Just because the weather siren

stops sounding does NOT mean that the chance for a tornado is over.  All citizens should listen to the radio or television for

confirmation that the tornado warning has been canceled.


Q.   What Should I Do if I Hear the Sirens?

A.    If the sirens are activated - and it is not a monthly siren test - the public should:

     * see it as a signal to seek shelter inside

      * tune in to a radio or television to get information, 

           instructions and recommendations

       * listen to your local media for indications that the   

      emergency is over.


Q.    When will the sirens be set off?

A.    Marengo County E-911 will ONLY set off the weather sirens in the event of a Tornado Warning

Warning- Forecast issued when a particular weather or flood hazard is "imminent" or already occurring (e.g., tornado warning).  A

warning is used for conditions posing a threat to life or property.  

Marengo County E-911 will NOT set off the weather sirens in the event of a Tornado Watch.

Watch- Forecast issued well in advance to alert the public of the possibility of a particular weather-related hazard (e.g. tornado

watch, flash flood watch). The occurrence, location and timing may still be uncertain.


Q.    If I call 911 can they give me more information?

A.    NO!  Our dispatchers do not receive any reports that are not put out to all citizens. Theses alerts can be received by a having

NOAA weather radio, Weather apps, tv/radio, on Facebook at National Weather Service Birmingham or Marengo County E-911.


​Weather Siren Test

Weather permitting the weather sirens are tested on the first Thursday of every month at 9:00 a.m. to make sure everything is

working property.

Please understand that Marengo County E-911 is only responsible for testing and turning on the weather sirens during a tornado warning.  Marengo County E-911 is not responsible for maintenance of the sirens.

911 and Severe Weather

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