If you are in need of a phone number and are unable to locate it in a phone book please check the list below.

If you need a number in Demopolis

If you need a number in Linden

If you need an number in the County

or a Court House number

Alabama Power 

Black Warrior aka REA
(334) 289-4182 or 1-800-242-2580

Bryan Whitfield Hospital
(334) 289-4000

Alabama State Troopers 

Mediacom Cable 

Demopolis CATV 
(334) 289-0727

Demopolis Board of Education 
(334) 289-1670

Marengo County Board of Education 
(334) 295-4123

Linden Board of Education 
(334) 295-8802

You should NEVER dial 911 to ask a dispatcher for a phone number.  

The 911 lines should only be used when there is an emergency.  

​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District