Marengo County E-911 
and the 
Coronavirus (COVID - 19)

As we closely monitor the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak sweeping the United States we are taking every precaution to help keep not

only the citizens of Marengo County safe but also the First Responders.

In an effort to help slow / stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) we are asking all citizens that call 911 for a medical

emergency the following questions. 

1.) Has anyone at the residence tested positive for Coronavirus?

2.) Does anyone in the residence have symptoms of Coronavirus?

a.) Fever

b.) Coughing

c.) Shortness of breath

3.) Is anyone at the residence waiting on test results for Coronavirus?

4.) Have any relatives tested positive for Coronavirus?

It will also help the 911 dispatchers if you volunteer this information at the beginning of the call without being asked by the dispatcher. 

Rest assured that the 911 dispatchers will only release the above information to first responders that will be arriving at your location.

Also, if at all possible, put a cloth / mask on that covers your nose and mouth to protect other people (first responders, hospital staff,

etc.) from the Coronavirus.

In an attempt to minimize possible exposure to Marengo County E-911 Employees we have restricted access to the E-911 Center.  No

individuals are permitted inside the E911 Center other than E911 personnel.

If you are needing paperwork / address verification please call 295-5573 to speak with someone or fill out the form below.  Once you

have completed the form someone will contact you as soon a possible. 

In order to receive paperwork, you will need to have ONE of the following:

Mailing address

Email address

Fax Number

Once the paperwork is ready it will be sent to you.  

(please understand that receiving the paperwork may take 5 or more business days)

​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District