​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District


(Weather Updates)

Recently, we have noticed that due to Facebook Algorithms our Facebook post are not immediately posted and could take 15 or more minutes to show up on our page.  While for some things this isn’t a problem in the event of severe weather this could be a major issue.  Also, The National Weather Service Birmingham has also had problems with Facebook algorithms and they have decided to no longer post all severe weather warnings on their Facebook page.  The National Weather Service will be posting their severe weather warnings on their twitter page.  Marengo County E-911 understands that not everyone has a twitter page therefore we have added our twitter page below.  By adding our twitter page here non twitter users will be able to view warnings from Marengo County E-911 and the National Weather Service Birmingham.   Hopefully this will allow the citizens of Marengo County to view the severe weather warnings without the delay that the Facebook algorithms would cause.