Severe Weather Radio

Weather Bug

​WeatherBug gets top marks for the depth of its data and update speed, with thunderstorm alerts that claim to ping you in half the time of other apps. The alerts come with preparedness tips and potential impacts of severe weather on nature and wildlife.

A weather alert radio immediately sounds a warning once an alert is issued by the National Weather Service, giving you and your family more time to take cover. Since your weather alert radio receives this information at the same time as most TV stations and other media outlets, you will often know before it can even be announced on the air.  These radios can be purchased a local stores like Walmart or online.  To view a selection of weather radios click on the Walmart or Amazon Links:

ALGO Traffic App

ALGO Traffic app gives live camera feeds, updates on Alabama Highways and weather notices.  

Alabama Power App

The Alabama Power App allows it's customers to log in, and report an outage, and more.  Customers can also sign up for text messages to be sent to stay updated on the power outages.

Severe Weather Apps 

Storm Shield

Storm Shield gives you alerts for your current location instead of just at your home address

or county.  This app will alert you of severe weather whether you are at home, a friends home or on vacation without having to reset your location.  Also, for a small fee you can customize your alerts to specific levels including advisories.  The app’s alerts come in text and voice format, making them impossible to ignore. You can also track conditions in up to five locations and overlay different types of data on the map.  Click on the buttons  to download it to your device.

For a list of weather radio channels for your weather radio click on the tower.

National Weather Service Radio Codes 

Severe weather alert apps are like having a meteorologist with you 24/7, warning you about weather changes in real time to keep you, your family, and  property safe.

This is an example of a severe weather notification that you can receive on your smart phone.  This is the actual alert that an employee received during the severe weather on March 25, 2021.

Below are a few weather apps that you can download for free or for a small charge.  You can also go to your app store to find more.

Emergency radios and Apps


This is a free app that notifies those in the path of dangerous weather. With a powerful all-in-one app, you can add a street addresses—home, work, school, or any other location important to you—and get push notifications anytime dangerous weather approaches them. This app is also great for daily weather, with current conditions, forecasts, a radar map and more. For more information on this app please click on the picture or click on the links to install it on your apple or android device.

Alabama Power Text Message Example

The is an example of a text from Alabama Power that you can receive if you sign up for text messages.


​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District