​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District

Locating you quickly in your time of emergency without delay is our goal. To assist emergency services, post your 911 numbers

at the entrance to your driveway and on the structure. Numbers need to be visible from the road and should be 3″ high x 1 ½ ” wide for residential

structures.  Your address maybe on just your mailbox but, is your mailbox grouped with others? If so, can your mailbox numbers be easily matched to

your house? Most mailboxes are on one side of the street, some are even grouped together. Having numbers visible from the road on your house, is just 

 as important as having your numbers on the mailbox for the postman.  Be sure that your address may be seen during the day and/or during the night,

and will be reflected by headlights as well. It is best not to assume that during your time of emergency that ‘power operated’ or ‘solar powered’ signage

will be able to be seen if the power is out or the weather has not permitted your solar powered device to charge effectively.  You maybe be asking "How

is an Emergency Responding Unit going to see my reflective numbers on my home if I live way off of the road?"  It is recommended that if you live more

than 120 feet off of the road that your address ALSO be posted at the top or the entrance of your driveway  with a minimum of 4 inch reflective

numbers. Having your address posted in both places in very important.  Also, when mounting your address make sure it is high enough to avoid

obstructions as well as not being blocked by bushes, flowers or branches.  Your address number should be posted at your driveway, visible from both

directions of travel. Just because the mail carrier comes from one direction does not mean the emergency units will travel the same way.

Your address number should also be clearly posted on your home so it can be seen at night. Remember, in an emergency there is no time to 

waste, make your home easy to locate! ​


Have you ever had a problem with UPS, FEDEX or another delivery service not being able to locate your residence?  Why do they have trouble 

locating you?  Is your address posted clearly for them to find?  If it takes them a day or two to locate you sure it's frustrating but it's not life

threatening.  Now, imagine one night something happens and you call 911 for an emergency.   What happens if like UPS, FEDEX etc the responders can’t

find your house?  If your address isn’t posted or is posted where it can’t be seen how many valuable seconds / minutes pass by because the responders

can’t find your location.  

Think your house number is easy to read and find?

We have a test for you. Invite a friend or an associate to your house at night that has never been there . Just give them your street address and how to

find your street. The basic information most emergency vehicles have is the location of the street and a house number.  Do not tell them where you are

on the street.   After they arrive, ask them how easy it was to find your house.   

Marengo County E-911

Here at Marengo County E911 we use all information possible to help responders find your residence as quickly as possible.  Not only do we use your

name and address to find you, but we also help the responders by telling them what your residence looks like.   When a responder is racing to a location

not only can they be looking for an address but if we can give them a description they can be looking for that also. 

A good example would be: 

Think about us receiving a  911 call for difficulty breathing and give the responders the address of 507 North Main St Linden.  They will be able to

locate this location since the address is posted. 

Now, think about it if we are able to not only give them the address but that it is a red brick building with white columns.  Wouldn’t they be able to find

it easier?

This is why we are asking that you keep your information updated with us.  We are unable to update this information if we are not notified that

something has changed.

 We need to know:

* Changed the paint color on your home

* Added a porch or deck

* Added a swimming pool

* Put up a fence

* Have you moved?

* Your contact person

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