The Marengo County 9-1-1 Communications Center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year.

Presently, the Center employees 8 full time employees that live through out Marengo County and a 9-1-1 Director.

There are two dispatcher on duty at all times.

These two dispatchers dispatch calls to:

          Demopolis Police Department          


Linden Police Department      


Marengo County Sheriff’s Department

Sweet Water Police Department 


Myrtlewood Police Department   

Thomaston Police Department

Alabama State Troopers

Amstar Ambulance Service

Demopolis Fire Department

 Linden Fire Department

Jefferson Fire Department


Marengo Rescue Squad


Springhill FD


Thomaston FD

 Myrtlewood FD

 Surginer FD

 Dixons Mills FD


Sweet Water FD


South Marengo Rescue Squad

 Putnam FD

Alabama Power 

(For Downed Power Lines)

 Black Warrior

(For Downed Power Lines)


Water departments


Street departments

Marengo County road crews

(for trees down)

Alabama State Road crew 

(for trees down)

 Plus any other department that may have to handle an emergency.

Below is a list of what some of their duties are:

* Responsible for answering 10 telephone lines

* Responsible for listening to traffic on 12 radios

* Responsible for getting the necessary information out of every caller

* Responsible for paging out the correct FD, Ambulance, or Law enforcement officer to a certain location

* Required to know where every on duty law enforcement officer is in Marengo County

* Required to keep a check on every law enforcement officer that is on a call from the time he/she arrives until

he is finished and back in his car

* Required to keep a check on all officers that is on a traffic stop from the time he/she says she is stopping the

car until he is finished and back in his car

* Required to not only keep the officer checked on a traffic stop but to also run tags, drivers licenses, check for

warrants, and log the action of the officer

* Monitor weather conditions and set off sirens if Marengo County goes under a tornado warning

* During severe storms they must not only handle all the police, fire and medical calls but also notify the power

companies, road crews etc of emergencies

* Must find out who, what, when , where, and why on every call

* Monitor all radios for radio transmissions from law enforcement field units

* Communicate with suicidal citizens

* Keep a detailed record of every incident that occurs for police, fire, medical and any other that they dispatch

* Plus many many more.

The job of a 911 dispatcher requires considerable change in lifestyle due to the nature of the work and the

variable work schedule. This job is extremely stressful, due to the requirement for accuracy and the nature of the

information being handled and each dispatcher does their very best to give every caller or responder the highest

level of assistance available.  The dispatchers at Marengo County E-911 don’t do this job because they just want

a pay check they do it because they care. It takes a very special person to be a 911 dispatcher but we are all

human and everyone makes mistakes and we do our very best to avoid these. If you think or hear that a mistake

has been made please feel free to give us a call and find out what really happened. Please don’t just go by what

you read or hear find out for yourself.

Marengo County 911 is a division of County government.  A Board of Directors is appointed by the County Commission to oversee the

operation of the 911 system. The Board employs an Executive Director to implement the Board's policies and to manage the day to day

operation of the system. The  Executive Director hires and supervises staff as authorized by the Board to ensure the efficient operation of

the 911 system. 

Board Members

Tommie Reese - Chairman                                                  Bruce Baker - Co - Chairman

Carolyn Rogers                                                                        Joseph Hudson

Bill Mason                                                                                 Ricky Hall



Kevin McKinney - Director

Jennifer Robertson - Assistant Director / Dispatcher


A minimum of a two dispatchers/telecommunicators are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and  365 days a year.

Shifts are divided into 12 hour days and 12 hour nights and run from 7 until 7.

Shameka Fluker - Dispatcher

Shemeca Wilson - Dispatcher

Valada Dunning - Dispatcher

Natrina Wilson - Dispatcher

Monique Holt - Dispatcher

Cliff Scarbrough - Dispatcher

Kim Carter - Dispatcher

Your 911 Center

​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District