​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District

Job Benefits:

Competitive Pay

State Retirement
Blue Cross Platinum Insurance

100% paid Health, Dental and Vision

Paid vacation / sick days (determined by length of employment)

The Marengo County Emergency Management Communications District (Marengo County 911) is looking for positive, professional, mature, enthusiastic, flexible, and responsible individuals to become 911 Telecommunicators / Dispatchers.

For those with a focused interest in public safety, you will find this a great entry to a rewarding career in emergency communications. This is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in someone's life and the community while partnering with our men and women in the field.

To be successful, you must be fast to respond with direct and correct decisions, able to take charge of conversations, able to obtain accurate information from callers, enter information into a computer system while talking, correctly prioritize emergencies, determine the appropriate units to send to calls, and maintain accurate records.

Rarely do individuals have the opportunity to be the calm in someone's storm on a daily basis. Each day your calm voice, professional demeanor and specialized training will allow you to assist individuals who may truly be having the worst day of their lives.

Make the difference in someone's life, become a 911 Telecommunicator / Dispatcher with Marengo County 911.


Job Requirements:

Must be able to work 12 hour shifts of 4 on 4 off rotating between days and nights.
Must be able to work weekends
Must be able to work holidays
Must be able to work overtime
Must be available to work extended shifts
Be subject to emergency call(s) to work.
Must be reliable and dependable and report for work on a consistent and predictable basis.

Marengo County E-911 Employment

Applicants must:

Have a high school diploma or GED
Have reliable transportation
Pass an extensive background check (consisting of criminal histories, arrest records etc.)
Must have a current driver’s license

Full Time Dispatchers

Marengo County E-911 is staffed 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.  

This means that dispatchers are required to work a rotating shift including:

* Days

* Nights

* Weekends

* Holidays

* Special Events

* Severe Weather

Job Responsibilities:

Receive, screen and priorities emergency (E911) and non-emergency telephone calls for service from the public requiring law enforcement, emergency medical service (EMS), or fire department attention and relay to officers or command personnel, as appropriate.


Operate a multi-line phone system, operate a multi-frequency radio and computer-aided dispatch system, operates playback tape recorders, operates TDD/TTY, and operates security devices, and be responsible for activating the weather sirens during severe weather.


Must condense large amounts of information into readable, sensibly typed remarks in a timely manner and have the ability to recall numerous acronyms and codes essential to appropriate call processing.


Deals with sensitive information in a discreet and professional manner by maintaining confidentiality.


In addition to dispatching emergency services, 911 Dispatchers maybe required to remain in communication with callers, advising them and attempting to keep them calm as they await help.
Perform other job duties as designated.