What should you do before you request a new address?


​​​​​Marengo County Emergency Communications District

1.)  Your driveway should be in and marked with flags.

2.)  The area where the new address is needed should be cleared and ready.

area should be free from:

a.) Trees

b.) Bushes

c.) etc

3.)  Mark where the structure will be on the property.

What do I need to know when I request an address?

1.)  If anyone has ever previously lived at this same location.  If so what was their name(s) and address.

2.) The road name where you need the new address.

3.)  The address and names of your neighbors to the side and in front of the location needing the address on the same road.

4.) If there are any landmarks, churches, etc near the location where you need the new address.

Click below and print out the above information that Marengo County E-911 will need.

If you have the above information then you are ready to request a new address!